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Gold, Coltan & Diamonds: Pillaging in the Congo - by Taylor Evensen | Apr 21, 2014

Modern companies have been largely free to act with impunity in conflict regions. The widespread exploitation of Congo's resources has financed conflicts in the Congo since the late 18th century and continues to finance the current civil war in the Congo, which has claimed more than 5 million lives.

Ukraine's Alleged New Register - by Maxwell Hummel | Apr 17, 2014

A flier has been allegedly circulating around a Ukrainian city calling for the registry of all Jews. Is that for real, or just classic dark Jewish humor?

Alyne da Silva Pimentel v. Brazil - by Taylor Evensen | Apr 04, 2014

The Brazilian government has become the first country in the world to pay reparations for maternal death. The decision comes 3 years after the death of Alyne da Silva Pimentel.

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