HUMANS OF THE IAA: Elijah Fullerton


Meet Elijah Fullerton, freshman.

We needed the perfect candidate to kick off our very first Humans of the IAA post, and when we spotted Elijah across the meeting room chomping happily on his bag of chips, we just knew we needed to stop him and get his thoughts.

Why do you have a chip packet?

Because I’m hungry!

What is your favorite memory with the IAA?

I’m a freshman so uhh…. the IAA party at Sigma Nu was pretty alright.

Only alright?

The music was like... ehhhhhh.

Oh, yikes. What was the song you hated most?

The one that was like *indiscernible noises*.

Thanks, Elijah! He made certain to let us know to promo him:

Snapchat: @efullerton20

Instagram: @elijah_fullerton