February 23rd, 2018 | University of Pennsylvania

Hi, we're the Penn International Relations Conference, and we want to help students save the world.


Dear Attendees,

It is my distinct pleasure to introduce you to the 2018 Penn International Relations Conference. Sponsored by the University of Pennsylvania International Affairs Association, PIRC will take place on Penn’s campus on February 23, 2018.

PIRC was created to encourage a love of international relations and to foster an awareness of global politics among high school students in the greater Philadelphia area. At PIRC 2018, students will participate in an educational forum including interactive discussions and presentations from world-renowned professors and experienced, passionate undergraduates.

The secretariat and I have chosen South America as the regional focus of PIRC 2018. This year we hope to introduce a greater understanding of South America and its importance in current, international affairs. Our speakers and breakout discussion sessions will focus on various developments within South America, from current political controversy to the cultural complexity of the region.

Each year, we aim to build on the successes of our previous conferences by increasing the number of attendees and improving the overall conference experience to make it even more enriching and exciting for everyone involved. The secretariat and I are extremely excited to make PIRC 2018 the best conference yet. This year, we will place an emphasis on discussion-based activities and simulations. We envision PIRC 2018 not only as a forum for creating new ideas, but also a chance for participants to challenge norms and examine issues with a fresh perspective. We hope that the nature and topics of the conference will motivate students to be engaged global citizens and continue to pursue their academic interests in international affairs.

If you have any questions regarding conference content, business sponsorships, student participation, or general inquiries about PIRC and the Penn IAA, please do not hesitate to contact me. If you attended last year’s conference, we would love to get your feedback, especially if you have any ideas that may help us improve the conference for you. We look forward to seeing you all there!

Catherine Said
Executive Director, PIRC 2018

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Why we're pretty awesome

Our conference focuses on learning, not winning.

Our conference focuses on learning, not winning

It's run by students at the University of Pennsylvania.

It's run by students at the University of Pennsylvania

It's free to attend.

It's free to attend

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We also love questions. Email us at pirc@penniaa.com.