Spring Break

What Were IAAers Up To?

The Ambassador Staff

Spring break proved to be a rewarding week for IAA members across the board, whether they were boarding transatlantic flights for touring cities abroad or spending a relaxing weekend at home. A winter storm even cancelled class on Thursday, leading to an early start to break for many students. However, the snow that delayed many flights on Thursday in the Philadelphia and New York areas did not deter Adina Luo a junior and director of Academic Affairs, who snagged a low-cost flight to Italy on an Emirates price glitch. “There was this panini place in Florence where they use truffle cream to make paninis the size of your head,” she said. “It is phenomenal.” Luo recommended the trek to the top of the Duomo in Florence for all future travelers, as it provides a view of all of Florence in the foreground with the Tuscan hills in the background. “We stayed and watched the sunset. We loved every moment,” she said.

Sophomore Zahra Husain of Academic Affairs and COE also went to Italy, visiting Venice and Bologna. However, she also visited Vienna and London, even noting that her “absolute favorite restaurant in the world and the best pasta I’ve ever had is actually from Vienna. Sorry, Italy!”

Meanwhile, some IAAers embraced the snow. Sophomore Andrea Breeden, vice director of Academic Affairs, flew to Winter Park in Colorado to go skiing wither her family. She was able to ski the famous “bowl” at an altitude of 12,000 feet, and also partook in snowmobiling and tubing. “The weather was actually gorgeous and sunny, which even led to me getting sunburned!”