Recap: SPEV Paintball


The Ambassador Staff

Last Saturday April 11th, SPEV hosted their annual Paintball trip to Poco Loco in Schwenksville, PA. There was heated combat as Team Grey (Seniors + Taylor Lewis and Jerry Zhang) faced off against Team Green (all the other attendees). The 24 IAA members shot, dived, and dodged paint balls, leading to more than a few flesh wounds. Shoutout to Riley Steele for taking a wound to the knuckles like a man (woohoo!) and to the person on Hutch’s team who shot him (on purpose??). The Ambassador also heard that three smoke grenades were set off, and that somehow Keramidas obtained a free gun (who let that happen?!). Team Grey ended up slaying the second round of Capture the Flag, despite a good effort put up by Team Lean Green Paintball Machine.

Tune in next year for another round of Paintball chaos!