Recap: Penn Peace Project


The Ambassador Staff

As a brand new initiative, the IAA hosted its first ever Penn Peace Project Conference on Friday, April 3rd to facilitate engaging and complex discussions on the concept of peace and coexistence in a global setting. Cosponsored by several other Penn Groups, the conference featured prominent speakers and included exciting student presented activities. The day long conference was held in Houston Hall from 11 am to 4 pm, and presented a full schedule of great events. The event began with an intriguing discussion on the environmental consequences of war by Carl Bruch from the Environmental Law Institute. Bruch helped nations develop legal and institutional frameworks for managing environmental resources, and his background provided great insight into a topic often unacknowledged. Next, Bob Leavitt from USAID spoke of the alignment of assistance efforts with U.S. foreign policy goals. Following the discussion was a well-received dance performance by Fusion Unlimited trio and a subsequent panel with the performing group and the organization, Dancing to Connect, concerning the relationship between peace and the arts. As one of the most anticipated guests, UN Ambassador Anwarul Chowdhury came to speak of the relevance of the UN in coexistence efforts. Lastly, the conference finished with an interactive NGO fair introducing local Philadelphia, national, and student NGOs. Overall, this new IAA event appealed to many members of the Penn Community and was successful in informing students of important peace issues and concepts.