Recap: International Week


The Ambassador Staff

The week of March 23 to March 27, Academic Affairs held their capstone event of the year, International Week. Each day of the week was dedicated to informing participants about a specific region of the world. Monday focused on the Middle East and North Africa, with a panel of professors discussing their research on the region. Tuesday zoned in on Europe, with Professor Lydie Moudileno, also chair of the undergraduate French department, discussing religious identities in France. “I was really impressed by the turnout for 7 pm on a Tuesday, and I’d love to learn more about this organization,” said Moudileno. On Wednesday, AA hosted a Latin-American themed Quizzo at Smokes. Thursday saw a students discuss companies’ adaptations to Chinese consumers with Professor John Zhang over free mochi. The week culminated with a focus on Africa on Friday, with a roundtable of Penn students from Africa discussing their experience at Penn and West Philadelphia. “We were definitely happy to have this year’s International Week focus on one event per day rather than hosting multiple events each day,” said Petra Nichols, Deputy Director for AA. “It allowed us to better focus on preparing for and promoting whatever major event was on each day.”