Recap: Intercol at HNMUN 2/12 - 2/15


The Ambassador Staff

The weekend of February 12 through February 15 was an exciting one for PennIAA, as Intercol competed at Harvard National Model United Nations (HNMUN). HNMUN is the most competitive conference of the year, and boats an attendance of teams from all over the world. Penn brought a team composed of Intercol board members as well as board members from other branches. Additionally, many competitors on the Penn team were freshmen, which made it “all the more impressive because we placed in so many committees,” said Steph Herrmann, Director of Intercol. Awards went to Santosh Vallabhaner and Hoonie Kim(DISEC, Honorable), Steph Herrmann (Cabinet of DR Vietnam 1945, Outstanding), Kent Hutch (Special Summit on Tech, Outstanding), and Dhrupad Bhardwaj (UNCSTD, Best Delegate). The trip saw a difference from other competitions, as it was GA and EcoSoc focused, while Penn’s delegates are heavily focused on crisis. This made guidance all the more essential for the team, but the upperclassmen were more than willing to help out and train the freshmen. “I think the most rewarding part of the trip was when we all finally arrived at Boston South Station, after booking emergency train tickets out of Boston to escape the Snowpocalypse,” said Herrmann. “That didn’t stop us from enjoying a team dinner…and singing the Red and the Blue on the platform.” All in all, Penn saw an especially successful HNMUN, braving the elements and bringing a young team to bring back much-deserved hardware from the conference.