The Ambassador Staff

As one of its proudest and most anticipated events, IAA successfully hosted ILMUNC XXXI from January 29th to February 1st at the Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown Hotel. This year’s conference implemented new features and technologies in order to improve the experiences of 2,700 high school students from all over the world. These included a smartphone application, providing access to maps, committee times, and general event information, and new committees like the Press Corps committee, turning away from the familiar and traditional committee structure. Headed by the ILMUNC secretariat and Secretary-General Riley Steele, the conference hosted 24 committees including 8 crisis committees with the help of approximately 300 IAA staff members. ILMUNC’s Under Secretary General Marc Petrine shared that committees ran especially smoothly and efficiently. The GAs all held engaging and enriching debates and the Peace of Westphalia committee even created a full peace treaty, ending the Thirty Years’ War. Delegates were also able to enjoy recreational and social events through the Delegate Festival and Dance. The annual Delegate Festival was a great success this conference with an engaging band and a new photobooth set up that was popular among the delegates. ILMUNC this year also initiated a Summer Opportunities Fair in order to allow delegates to learn about amazing opportunities for travel and work during their summer breaks. Overall, with the dedication of the ILMUNC secretariat and the contributions of each of the IAA staff members, high school MUN delegates were able to thoroughly enjoy a premier enriching experience at ILMUNC.