Recap: COE School Visit 2/6


The Ambassador Staff

On February 6th, the Community Outreach and Engagement branch of IAA continued its school visits to Lankenau High School to introduce students to more topics in International Relations. Members completed a module about OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting States). The visit involved activities introducing students to OPEC’s functions and exposing them to the concept of supply-demand and oil price negotiations. This school visit marks the dedicated continuation and progress of school visits since the beginning of COE. Members were encouraged by the level of student engagement and their ability to recollect previously taught information about other ideas in the Middle East. COE found that students from Lankenau were more responsive when they were not lectured at, but participated in conversation. At the end of the visit, the students had the opportunity to ask questions about Penn and college in general. COE members were also happy to find that some students demonstrated interest in attending Penn International Relations Conference. The visit was the last of COE’s three school visits focused on the Middle East and North Africa regions.