Recap: ChoMUN 2015


The Ambassador Staff

To finish off the successful year, Penn’s IAA intercol team and other members traveled to the Windy City for ChoMUN conference hosted by the University of Chicago on April 2-5. Held at the beautiful Palmer House Hilton in downtown Chicago, the conference emphasized expanding traditional interpretations of crisis committees; committee placed delegates in a 7th century Sasanian Empire as advisors to a child king. In addition to the conference, IAA was able to explore the exciting streets of Chicago, visiting the historical bean, enjoying a night of karaoke and meeting up with an IAA alumna. As a strong finale to the year, Penn’s team won several awards including: Best Delegate (Dhrupad Bhardwaj, Kent hutchinson) Outstanding Delegate (Henry Chang, Ashish Sharma), Honorable Delegate (Lenny Wei, Elise Pi) and Verbal commendations (Krishnan Sethumadhavan, Arnav Shah). Delegates not only demonstrated a strong presence at ChoMUN but also showed intense Penn spirit for all four days, as they look forward to more successes for the new year.