Member of the Week 4/7/15

Mike Keramidas

The Ambassador Staff

This week we talked to Mike Keramidas, a member of Sec Board and SPEV:

Q: What led you to join IAA?

A: I always thought that international affairs were extremely interesting and decided to check it out. When I saw that the people who were recruiting were pretty fun and chill, I knew that I’d have an awesome time with them.

Q: What would you say has been your “IAA legacy?”

A: I’ve contributed to three different branches at this point, so I’d say that my legacy was bringing some kind of benefit to each of those. Helping us to win Harvard my sophomore year was one of the best moments I had, being a part of that extremely high caliber team. Being a part of that is pretty big to legacy, as well as helping to plan fun events for SPEV and Sec

Q: What role has IAA played in your Penn experience?

A: Many of my good friends are in the IAA, as they’re a pretty fun bunch who always looks for the craziest times. I’ve got to go to a ton of fun places like China and San Fran, which is really dope. It’s been a wild ride.

Q: If you could switch places with anyone in the IAA, who would it be and why?

A: I’d say no one at this point, as I’ve been having an awesome time as the semester wraps up.

Q: What would you say to the new generation of IAAers?

A: Take advantage of all the really fun events that we have. They’re a great way to meet new people while having an awesome experience.