Member of the Week: Elizabeth Camarillo

April 6, 2016

Tamara Prabhakar

The Ambassador: How did you get involved with the IAA?
Elizabeth Camarillo: I joined SPEV last semester. I wanted to join freshman year, but I got involved with a lot of other stuff, so I never had time. Then I joined this year because my roommate is in it, and, so I started to go, and then I tried out for SPEV and got in.

TA: What is your favorite part of the IAA?
EC: It’s probably the people. They are really cool and chill. They are always a good time. We always have things to do, so it’s never boring. Within SPEV, it’s more informal. Everybody is just there to see each other and get what we need to get done.

TA: What is your favorite event that you’ve planned?
EC: I really liked formal last semester- we got to pick food, so that was fun. I also helped plan ice skating and brunch at Tap House, which was really nice. I get to help out with everything and do everything.

TA: What candy describes your personality?
EC: So there’s this Mexican candy- it’s spicy on the outside and sweet on the inside. I don’t know what it’s called- It’s just these corn shaped lollipops that they have mango or watermelon; they dip them in chili power, and on the inside there’s more chili powder. They’re great. It’s a nice combination.

TA: Where is the strangest place you’ve been to?
I’ve been to Whittaker, Alaska- it’s in the middle of nowhere. It was a three-week expedition that I did like Man vs. wild. It was really intense. I got sick at one point and was throwing up in the ocean, and there was this killer whale that I saw just rise out of the waves. That’s probably the coolest and strangest place I’ve been to.

TA: What do you think dogs dream about?
EC: I don’t know- happy things? They are so cute. Running in fields? Probably about the Panda Express I didn’t give them.

TA: Do you think Zac Efron is really nice in real life?
EC: I don’t know.. I feel like he knows he’s good looking, so… He’s all right. Like I get that- he’s probably really crazy and a hilarious person.

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