Member of the Week - Santiago Pereira

April 20, 2016

Giancarlo Bracero

This week, The Ambassador sat down with Santiago Pereira of UPMUNC. Santiago is a freshman in the Huntsman Program from Paraguay.

The Ambassador: How did you join the IAA?
Santiago Pereira: I joined the IAA last fall as an UPMUNC ASG because it was recommended by some of the Huntsman sophomores.

TA: What is your best IAA memory?
SP: Cuddling with the UPMUNC coresec in one bed after ILMUNC

TA: What is your favorite part of the IAA?
SP: The people

TA: What is your favorite body part?
SP: My hair

TA: Would you rather step on a jellyfish or kiss a crab?
SP: Kiss a crab fo shizzle

TA: Would you rather lick an old man’s smelly armpit or chew on a rotten yellow toenail?
SP: Chew the toenail

TA: Who is your IAA crush?
SP: Remi Cordelle

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