Member of the Week 4/20/15

Savar Sareen

The Ambassador Staff

This semester’s last Member of the Week is our beloved outgoing Secretary, Savar K. Sareen!

Q: How long have you been involved in the IAA?

A: So i’ve been in the IAA since freshman fall. after failing to get an A-level position, I wiggled my way onto CMUNNY, and just had an amazing time. Somehow my experience with the IAA ended up being with a group of whom 70% were on exec at some point – so people who actually enjoyed the club. After some wild nights, I realized i wanted to give it another go and stick on in the club

Q: What is your favorite IAA memory?

A: Favorite IAA memory? After one SPEV event I ended up under a pong table rhyming like a troll…so that happened.

Q: What does the IAA mean to you?

A: It means a leech on my time and a source of stress – but one that I’ve welcomed whole heartedly for the past 4 years and loved (for the most part)

Q: What do you REALLY think of AK’s beard?

A: The single most inspiring piece of hair any of us have ever had the privilege of laying our gaze upon. Or at least something to cover up a baby face. Though get a load of it while it lasts – come July you’ll never see it again

Q: How much are you going to miss the IAA (and Penn)?!?!?!

A: I’m scared I’m going to start having stress dreams about forgetting to send out a list-serv email or have to run to a meeting after waking up from a nap. And Formal.

We’ll miss you, Savar!!!!!! And good luck to all the graduating seniors– come back and visit :)