Member of the Week 4/14/15

Carmen Abello

The Ambassador Staff

This week we sat down with lovely Sec Board member Carmen!

Q: Why did you decide to join the IAA?

A: I heard about the organization at my freshman year, but it wasn’t after a month or so that I realized a lot of my friends were actually in this club. That motivated me to really check it out and be an active member. After staffing both conferences and making so many invaluable friendships, I applied to be a deputy on Secretary Board at the end of my freshman year – and here we are! (Prospies: #rushsec!!)

Q: What has been your most memorable IAA experience?

A: I’ve had a lot of fun during my time in the IAA, but I think my most memorable experiences are during conference. There’s something about being stuck with the same people for four days that promotes bonding and a camaraderie I don’t think I could find anywhere else. Plus, it’s really great interacting with delegates from other schools!

Q: How has IAA influenced your Penn experience?

A: My involvement in the IAA has definitely marked my Penn experience, not only in terms of time but through the friendships I’ve made. I met both of my roommates in the IAA, and even visited an IAAer in China this summer. I don’t think I would have met these awesome people if I had not been involved in the club, and now they’re some of my closest friends.

Q: What would you say to incoming freshmen about the IAA?

A: Because the IAA recruits really early, freshmen who join later or aren’t on a branch may be discouraged that they don’t have this tight knit group already. I was once just a staffer, and would tell other freshmen that that’s OK – it’s actually a great way to meet people across a variety of branches, and there’s still a ton of things you can do to get involved. Also, don’t be afraid to make conversation with that random person sitting next to you at GBM. I met so many people that way!

Q: If you had to choose who in the IAA would most likely die first in a horror movie, who would it be?

A: Uhm, me. I can’t even watch horror movies, I’m such a scaredy cat. So if I were actually in one, I would probably, like, faint immediately and then be the first one to die.