Member of the Week 3/3/15

Wai Wing Lau

The Ambassador Staff

This week we talked with star member Wai Wing Lau to let the entire IAA know how awesome he is!

Q: What is your current position in the IAA?

A: The plebeian circle, where there are no branches.

Q: What is your favorite part of the IAA?

A: Mostly the events they host and the things we do, specifically the conferences, which provide a great networking event for both high schoolers and college kids. I appreciate the time the branches spend to create great events like Assassins.

Q: Who you look up to most in the IAA?

A: I guess… Mark Petrine. He looked at me as an equal when I first started. Even after the conference, he treated me with great aspect. He has showed me that generosity is the best investment.

Q: What’s your favorite memory in the IAA?

A: Hm... that’s hard. I guess when we were playing Assassins, because you get to plot someone’s death then profusely apologize for hitting them with a sock. Then making friends with those people…or enemies.

Q: Describe the IAA in six words:

A: Very strong and firm, but flexible.

Q: What are you looking forward to most in IAA?

A: I am looking forward to moving up and partaking in greater roles to strengthen the foundation of the organization.