Member of the Week 3/24/15

Andrea Breeden

The Ambassador Staff

This week, the Ambassador interviewed AA star Andrea Breeden:

Q: What led you to join IAA?

A: I was involved in Model UN in high school, and it seemed like an awesome way to pursue my passion for international relations, meet awesome people, and make a big school smaller!

Q: What was your favorite IAA moment so far?

A: Definitely formal! It’s a dazzling capstone event where everyone can celebrate all the great things we’ve accomplished over the past year, as well as eat and drink to their hearts’ content.

Q: What role has IAA played in your Penn experience?

A: The IAA has been instrumental in connecting me with countless mentors and friends, and has validated the “work hard, play hard” mantra for me in college!

Q: If you could switch places with anyone in the IAA, who would it be and why?

A: Renata, because she’s globetrotting around the world right now, and brings joy to everyone she meets!