Member of the Week - Christine Du

March 16, 2016

Giancarlo Bracero

This week, The Ambassador sat down with Christine Du, Secretary-General of ILMUNC China and writer for The Consul. She is a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences double majoring in Economics and Political Science.

The Ambassador: How and why did you join the IAA?
Christine Du: I was an assistant director at the very first ILMUNC China, where I met most of the IAA Exec board when I was a freshman. I really enjoyed hanging out with them in Shanghai, which was one reason why I joined the IAA. Also, as soon as I got here, Henry Chang (our legendary VP last year), who had graduated from my high school a year earlier, pressured me into joining the publications board, which is now the Consul. I’m glad he did.

TA: Tell us your funniest ILMUNC China story.
CD: There were so many funny moments during our latest ILMUNC China trip... One of them would have to be when Max Tromanhauser kept on getting ambushed on the street by shoe-shiners who wouldn’t stop trying to clean his shoes. Initially I thought he was targeted because he is this tall handsome white guy, but when I finally asked maybe the 3rd or 4th person that started scurrying behind him trying to get to his shoes why they kept on bothering him, she just said with genuine concern, “his shoes are too dirty.” That still cracks me up.

TA: What about your most awkward IAA experience?
Spring Fling freshman year when I showed up at the IAA brunch long after all the food was gone. Still trying to forget what happened after that.

TA: Who is your IAA crush?
CD: My ILMUNC China babies!

TA: What’s your spirit animal?
CD: Koala

TA: What did you enjoy the most about China?
CD: I really enjoyed hanging out with my team; they made all the exhaustion and lack of sleep worth it. It was very rewarding to take them around to my favorite places in the city and just witness everyone having so much fun.

TA: Any advice for next year’s Secretary-General?
CD: Don’t forget to have fun yourself!

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