Member of the Week 2/9/15

Riley Steele

The Ambassador Staff

This week, we interviewed ILMUNC XXXI Secretary General Riley Steele for his perspective on this year’s conference, which took place from January 29th- February 1st, 2015.

Q: What was your most rewarding experience from this year’s conference?

A: “I’d have to say that my most rewarding experience from ILMUNC XXXI was walking in to Opening Ceremonies with everyone banging their gavels for me. Hirsh had told me right before all of us walked in that it’s the greatest feeling, something that you’ll never forget. He was right. Up to that point, I had obviously been incredibly stressed and concerned with registration and making sure everything went smoothly. But walking in to the gavel banging, it melted all of that away.”

Q: How does your experience as a sec gen differ from your ILMUNC experiences in the past?

A: “As an ASG and USG, the people you have to worry about pleasing are the staff and, of course, the Sec-Gen. But as SG, you are responsible for everything, and the faculty advisors demand an answer for everything. I think being responsible to them both before and during conference for so much forced me to become more professional than I had ever been before for ILMUNC.”

Q: What is your best memory from this year?

A: “There was a point on Saturday night of ILMUNC when we had the DG from ILMUNC XXVIII, the SG and DG from XXIX, the SG and DG from 30, and Allie and me (from XXXI) in one room together. To know that people that have done the job before still care and are so supportive, and to see them there, that really is something I’ll never forget.”

Q: Any advice for next year’s sec gen?

A: “Sleep as much as you can now. It becomes a premium once you get the job.”

Congrats on an amazing ILMUNC, Riley!