Member of the Week - Krishan Sethumadhavan

February 3, 2016

Giancarlo Bracero

Major: Economics in CAS; BEPP in Wharton
Year: Junior
Current Position: Sec-Gen of ILMUNC/soon-to-be has-been

Favorite IAA memory:
My favorite IAA memory without a doubt took place this past Sunday and was the closing ceremonies of ILMUNC 32. It was incredible to see the culmination of 11 months of incredibly hard work all come together in an hour long ceremony. It was a reminder that the IAA can make a real difference in the lives of high school students and means something more than just a conference.

Most awkward ILMUNC memory:
When I patrolled the 23-25th floors of the Sheraton for 2 hours as an ASG because Riley (SG for ILMUNC 31) forgot to call me after 20 minutes to tell me to come down. Love ya boo!

Spirit Animal:

Who is your IAA crush?
It has to be that hunk of a man, Ashish Sharma. Have you seen that beard? I’ve even brought him home to my parents.

Tell us something funny about yourself:
I once decided it’d be a good idea to start OCR the day after ILMUNC ended.

Any advice for next year’s Secretary-General?
When the tough times come (and they will), think back to why you joined ILMUNC and what it means to you – it always helped me out. Also, buy more Red Bull!