Members of the Week - Ashish Sharma & Janice Chung

February 24, 2016

Tamara Prabhakar

This week we interviewed Ashish Sharma and Janice Chung as our two members of the week. Ashish just led an amazing team to HNMUN and Janice had an incredibly successful PIRC last Friday.

The Ambassador: How did you first get involved with the IAA?

Janice Chung: I actually only got involved with the IAA my sophomore year. My friend was in the IAA her freshman year and told me that IAA is full of free stuff, nice formals and in general, nice things…I guess that was enough to motivate me to join haha.

Ashish Sharma: I first got involved in the IAA my freshman year, when I had the pleasure of having one Akhilesh Goswami (remember him?) walk up to me at the SAC Fair and ask me if I wanted to hear more about the International Affairs club. I later found out that we’re more of a [redacted] club with an International Affairs problem, but that’s another story I guess.

TA: What’s your favorite memory from the IAA?

JC: ILMUNC India by far. Questionable life choices on the bumpy bus rides, Raj plague, KittySu, and a crazy group of people.

AS: Gosh, too many to count. Obviously the formals, late nights at UPMUNC and ILMUNC and Intercol trips have been unparalleled in anything else I do at Penn. But possibly my favorite memory ever is the time I touched Shahriar’s eyebrows in front of his entire GA at ILMUNC 32.

TA: What will you take away/what is the most rewarding aspect of being a part of the IAA?

JC: I would say the most rewarding aspect is…as cliche as it sounds, having a diverse, insane and weird bunch of friends. Although we drive each other nuts sometimes, somehow we all get along in a unique way. I’ll definitely miss being able to sit around and have obnoxious conversations about the IAA with a bunch of IAA people.

AS: Without a doubt, the most rewarding aspect of this club is its people. This club runs on relationships, and that rings true more than ever when I think about how many of my best friends at Penn are or have been in the IAA. I see it when I need someone to trek with me to Honest Tom’s, when I need someone’s couch to crash on in New York for a night, or when I am greeted by a member of the IAA Class of 2009 as an old friend. It’s the most special thing about this club.

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