Member of the Week - Andre Na

February 17, 2016

Giancarlo Bracero

This week, the Ambassador talked with Andre Na of SPEV, a sophomore in the College majoring in Political Science with a minor in Urban Studies.

THE AMBASSADOR: How and why did you join the IAA?
ANDRE NA: I was rushing IAA pretty hard my first semester; I went to all of the meet and greets! I joined because of the people in this club. Everyone I met had qualities that I aspired to have as a young freshman.

TA: What is your spirit animal?
AN: My friends tell me I look like a koala. Another time someone told me I look like a hippo- so I guess my spirit animal is a cross between a hippo and a koala?

TA: Do you prefer Oreos or Chips Ahoy? Why?
AN: I like Chips Ahoy more because I think the cream in Oreos tastes weird

TA:Who is your IAA crush?
AN: Everyone in SPEV

TA: What is your most embarrassing dating story?
AN: One time I was on a date and asked a girl the same question three different times because I was really nervous and kept forgetting what I was talking about.