Member of the Week 2/16/15

Zach Belnavis

The Ambassador Staff

Q: What branch/position are you in?

A: “I’m a Deputy in Academic Affairs.”

Q: Why did you join the IAA??

A: “I joined after encouragement from Shariar. He was my good friend freshman year and always raved to me about the club. I decided I needed to see what he meant firsthand.”

Q: What are you excited about that is coming up this semester?

A: “This semester I’m looking forward to the Penn Peace Project. It should be brilliant.”

Q: What role has the IAA played in your Penn experience?

A: “It’s definitely been an interesting experience. I’ve never done any sort of model UN conference, or even debated in my life. However, it’s hard to imagine my life now without it. I’ve definitely forged several friendships that I know will far outlive my days at Penn.”

Q: Favorite IAA memory/event?

A: Definitely the Marrakesh BYO for UPMUNC my sophomore year, followed by the karaoke, which I may or may not actually remember now that I think about it.”