Member of the Week - Rachel Philbin

February 10, 2016

Andrea Begleiter


This week the Ambassador sat down with Rachel Philbin, Chief of Staff for Intercol and a Senior in the College double majoring in Political Science and Economics and minoring in Spanish, for a special Valentine’s Day themed member of the week.

AB: Tell us about your first kiss!
RP: It’s kind of a horrible story. It was truth or dare on the back of a camp bus on the way to six flags. Of course it was all the cool kids sitting in the back of the bus. I got dared to kiss this super unattractive guy and just as we were going for it, the bus lurched to a stop so our heads banged together. Most awkward first kiss story ever.

AB: Do you have any valentine’s day horror stories?
RP: When I was in 6th grade this guy had a crush on me and sent me a valentine that said something like “Roses are red, violets are blue maybe you don't know but I love you.” Something super cheesy like that. Anyway there was a snow day around Valentine’s Day and this kid brought 12 roses to my house. But I was having a sleepover with my friend so when I opened the door and he gave me the roses, I said "I don't want these" and threw them back at him and then shut the door. I was a pretty mean sixth grader.
Freshman year of high school I was kind of dating this guy and I went over to his house and he gave me a teddy bear and chocolates. Then he asked me if I wanted to watch a movie and I said yes and he pops in The Notebook! While we were watching it we sat on his bed and he wanted to play truth or dare. So we sat on his bed and played truth or dare, just the two of us.

AB: Are you sending anyone in the IAA a valentine?
RP: No. I’ve tried to keep my love life separate from the IAA. I’ve seen a lot of inter-IAA relationship drama. But since I’m Chief of Staff for Intercol and Ashish is the Director, we sometimes joke that I’m his mistress. So maybe I’ll send him one. But I’m not sure Karen would like that.

AB: If someone were going to send you a valentine in the IAA, what would you want it to say?
RP: “You go Glen Coco”

AB: What are you doing on Valentine’s Day this year?
RP: Going to my dad’s. All my roommates have boyfriends so since I have nothing to do here I’m going to go home.

AB: Have you ever hooked up with a chair or delegate while you were at a conference?
RP: When I was a freshman at BarMUN I hooked up with some kid in my committee at a party they had on a boat on the Saturday night. But not since then.

AB: Favorite Rom-Com?
RP: Dear John. And also White Chicks.