Member of the Week - Santosh Vallabhaneni

December 2, 2015

Claire Song

Our Member of the Week this Week is ILMUNC India Secretary General, Santosh Vallabhaneni! We took some time to ask him some questions:

Major: M&T - Finance and Computer Science
Year: 2018
Hometown: Hyderabad, India
Current position in the IAA: Secretary-General, ILMUNC India; DDI -InterCol

How did you first get involved in the IAA?

I met a bunch of IAA people in hgh school at the first edition of ILMUNC India. After I got into Penn, it was a pretty easy choice of a club.

Who is your IAA hero?

Probably Dhrupad Bhardwaj. He’s always there for me when things are going wrong. It also helps that he’s big giant teddy bear.

Favorite Model UN pickup line?

My lips are weapons of mass destruction. Would you like to try to dismantle them?

Favorite IAA memory?

Definitely going to India the past week. We had an amazing time while running a great conference. Definitely a defining moment in my college life so far.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself!

I collected all 150 original Pokemon. I am a Pokemon master. (Also a kinda big nerd)

Hardest class at Penn in your opinion?

CIS 121. It gives me nightmares

Give us your best tip for getting through Finals.

Coffee, friends and thoughts of the upcoming Star Wars movie.

What advice would you give your freshman-year self?

Try to say yes to as much as you possibly can. Freshman year is a time to explore and there are tons of opportunities I regret not taking.