Member of the Week - Hannah White

November 4, 2015

Giancarlo Bracero

The Member of the Week this week is Intercol Deputy Director, Hannah White! She is a senior in the College originally from the great state of Alaska. Read all about her in our interview!

Q: Tell us a little about yourself!

My name is Hannah White. I am taller than most people and I like to do yoga and FaceTime Milan. Also, I am really good at making recap videos and I use the SEPTA.

Q: How long have you been involved in the IAA?

I have been involved with the IAA since I was a sophomore and now I’m a senior. But it’s only been one year. I know, *mind blown*

Q: How and why did you join the IAA? How did you join the IAA?

I just showed up one day and that was that. Why did I join? I wanted to travel with Intercol, learn more about current and past international events and make some great friends.

Q: What is your favorite IAA memory?

My favorite IAA memories are really simple ones. Like making fun of the way Dhrupad says the number 3 (“tree”) or giving crisis updates during conferences and trainings.

Q: Tell us something funny about yourself.

I have a sewing needle in my leg from when I crawled over it as a kid and it’s just sitting there. If somebody laughs and thinks that’s funny, well they’re just really cruel.

Q: What’s your favorite selfie position?

It’s more about timing rather than position. Am I seconds away from falling asleep? Click. Tearing up at the latest feel-good viral vid? Click click. Also I’m all about the before and after. Hannah pre dinner has much more rage in her eyes than her post dinner food coma self. All click worthy events.

Q: What is your favorite native Alaskan flora or fauna?

Alaska Blue Bells are beautiful wildflowers plus they are edible. Win-win.

Q: what is your favorite dining hall on campus and why?

Oh that’s a great question. Since I still have a meal plan, I have extensive experience in this area so you should pay careful attention to my answer. So here it goes: Kings Court English House for breakfast (Smoothies YES PLEASE), 1920s Commons for lunch and dinner (best fruit selection and a better salad bar) and Hill House when you want to eat in silence (since nobody goes there). Also, I must say the workers swipe my card with more finesse and ease at 1920s so that should count for something.

Q: Who is your IAA crush?

WHO DO I WANT TO CRUSH IN THE IAA!?!? What do you think I am, A MONSTER?!?

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