COE Becomes a Branch!


The Ambassador Staff

The IAA is proud to announce that Community Outreach and Engagement officially became a branch for the 2015-2016 school year! The amendment to the constitution to give COE branch status was proposed near the conclusion of the spring semester. The branch had previously been an initiative. Upon presentation of the amendment, both Kavya Bodapati, the outgoing COE director, and Janice Chung, the incoming COE director, spoke in favor of the amendment. The amendment passed, and thus COE had undergo the proper procedure for electing the new COE director, with nominations and a general body election in the following weeks. “I’m really excited for next year,” said Chung. “Now that we’re a proper branch, we can get access to better resources and also integrate more of the IAA community into our program. We’re excited to see what next year has in store.” Chung emphasized better integration of COE members into the club as part of her initiatives for the upcoming year. “I have no doubt that Janice will do a great job. PIRC was fantastic with her,” said Bodapati.