Member of the Week - Karen Chen


Susana Rojas

This week, The Ambassador talked with Karen Chen of ILMUNC China. She is a senior in Wharton from New York.

The Ambassador: What is your favorite memory from the IAA?
Karen Chen: I have been lucky to have so many good memories with the IAA. Being a part of this club has really made my college experience what it is. Some memories that come to mind are hanging out in Henry/Dhrupad’s apartments my sophomore and junior year, all the ridiculous and fun things we did on ILMUNC China last year, and all the bonding events that I had with Sec Board last year, but I think my favorite memory has to be the End of Year dinner last year with Sec Board. Being with the people on my branch who I spent countless hours working with and getting to know and looking back on what we accomplished made me feel so grateful for an amazing year with an amazing branch.

The Ambassador: How was your career in the IAA? (Which branches were you in and what did you enjoy?)
Karen Chen: I started my career in the IAA as an assistant layout editor on The Consul when it was still a part of Sec Board (#tbt). My sophomore year, I became the head layout editor and also became a Deputy Director of Design on Sec Board. Last year, I was Secretary and this year, I’m SG for ILMUNC China. My favorite thing about all the roles that I’ve been in during my IAA career is that I’ve been able to meet so many people in the club. Honestly, IAA members have become some of my most helpful mentors and best friends.

The Ambassador: If you could add one celebrity as a member of the IAA, who would it be and why?
Karen Chen: I’d probably add Emma Watson because she’s a badass and I want to be her best friend.

The Ambassador: If you could have one superpower what would it be?
Karen Chen: I’ve always wanted to be able to teleport because I’m always late for things and it would save me SO much time.

The Ambassador: What’s your favorite place on Penn’s campus?
Karen Chen: I have a few - I love Locust in the Fall and the week of Fling (because everyone is so happy). I also love Starbucks Under Commons as a place to work.

The Ambassador: Tell us about ILMUNC China!!!
Karen Chen: ILMUNC China is one of the best parts of the IAA. I would say that everyone in the club should try to go on an international trip at some point in the college career. I went on ILMUNC China last year and got so much closer to all the people on the trip than I ever could have imagined. Getting the opportunity to be in Shanghai with such fun group of people was a better Spring Break trip than any PV trip I saw on Facebook and lucky for me, I get to do it twice.