Member of the Week- Nicole Ksendzovskaya

Ambassador Team

This week, The Ambassador talked with Nicole Ksendzovskaya, a freshmen in both COE and SPEV.

The Ambassador: What has been the best experience at the IAA?
NK: This year, before DelFest COE and SPEV had a mixer, so essentially I got to hang with my two favorite groups of people. We didn’t have enough people to fit the whole back room, so another party sat down next to us. It didn’t take too long to figure out they were Penn alums and the restaurant was led in an excellent rendition of the fight song (shoutout to Jackson Baker, thank you). Also, a few work on campus, so hopefully no awkward run-ins happen there.

The Ambassador: If you could change something about the IAA what would it be?
NK: Comp my UPMUNC ubers please. On a way less selfish note, I wish I used the chance to get to know more of you, so I would change the occasional isolation of branches/members/etc. The IAA is like a huge family reunion, and only during the third annual one do you meet your super chill aunt (like thrice removed) who’s so cool and also your new best friend. Point is, I got close with my branches right away, but there’s so many people that I want to get to know as well! So, everyone come to every event you can and keep meeting the best people at Penn (shameless #spev plug but also truth.)

The Ambassador: If you could be something you find in a pencil case what would you be?
NK: An eraser because there’s always just one little thing you wish you could change. Like a tiny regret and the eraser is a quick do over, which everyone could use at least once in a while. Also, because I don’t spell super well, this would probably be useful.

The Ambassador: What is the best part of winter?
NK: Winter means holiday season. And holiday season means Christmas. And the best part of Christmas is the festive spirit. Seeing other people so excited and joyful is enough to melt my cold, Jewish heart. But also, I don’t complain when it snows so much that the only thing you can do is build forts and have snowball fights.

The Ambassador: What celebrity would you choose to be the president of the United States?
NK: I’m a little hesitant to pick because apparently going from celebrity right to president is a viable career path (???). But actually, my least problematic fave: Emma Watson. She kicks ass, and if she can’t be my best friend, then president is the next best thing, I guess.

The Ambassador: What is favorite ice cream flavor and why?
AR: Very specifically, Americone Dream by Stephen Colbert from Ben&Jerry’s largely because one of the funniest men on television made a patriotic ice cream flavor with chocolate covered waffle cone pieces. And you know, Ben & Jerry’s.