Member of the Week - JP Young

Ambassador Team

This week, The Ambassador talked with JP Young of Intercol. He is a sophomore in the College and Wharton from Virginia.

The Ambassador: What is your favorite memory from the IAA?
JP: An imposible question. I could choose our CHOMUN, CMUNNY or BARMUN campaigns, but just as easily Fling, Formal and the UPMUNC/ILMUNC experiences make the shortlist too. I don’t think it matters which one is my favorite since I’ve got incredible stories from all of them—and that’s the most important thing. Life is one long story: make it a great one.

The Ambassador: What was your first impression of the IAA, and how has it changed?
JP: My first impression of the IAA was meeting our fearless leader, president supreme, Ashish Sharma at the New Member Social. My roommate dragged me there when he saw me wandering Locust—let’s just say Mr. Sharma made a powerful impression. I loved the idea of competing with my words since I couldn’t play sports any more so Intercol became my avenue for that competitive spirit. Has my impression changed? Sure, and definitely for the better. After getting to know the other branches I know the IAA is way bigger than I thought, and has some of the coolest people at Penn.

The Ambassador: What branches have you been in and what have you enjoyed in them the most?
JP: I’m on Intercol, and it’s been a fantastic time and a wild ride. I have literally never not had fun on an Intercol trip, but besides the debate, the *late nights* and the travel, I think the most valuable part of conferences is getting to know everyone who goes with you. It’s an experience and a trial by fire, and you invariably get super close to everyone you travel with.

The Ambassador: What is your spirit animal?
JP: My spirit animal is either a baby giraffe or a dire wolf—I’m pretty uncoordinated and lanky, but I protect my pack and fight for what’s mine.

The Ambassador: What is your spirit food?
JP: My spirit food is a perfectly cooked ribeye steak (very rare, very hot; basically still mooing). It’s protein-heavy, delicious and elegantly rugged, and most importantly: it’s meat and not a vegetable. I have actually gotten into arguments with my friends because of my moral opposition to vegetarianism, and shall always claim I converted SHRAVAN BALAJI to the cause.

The Ambassador: Who is your favorite Penn/IAA alumni?
JP: Dhrupad Bhardwaj. Period. If you know him, you know why; if you don’t, you’re wrong—Google him. (Last year’s Intercol seniors Rachel “Phoebe” Philbin and Hanuh White also have special places in my heart of course!).