Member of the Week - Kent Hutchison

The Ambassador Team

This week, The Ambassador talked with Kent Hutchison, Secretary-General of UPMUNC 50. He is a junior in Wharton from Chicago.

The Ambassador: Was UPMUNC 2016 everything you wanted it to be? What was your favorite part?
KH: It was even more! My favorite part was getting to see everyone's work over the past twelve months really pay off. Our guys and gals put a ridiculous amount of time into the conference, and I couldn't be happier with how it all played out. Plus, all of our Secretariat and Staff are total ballers, so that always helps.

The Ambassador: You killed it at UPMUNC!! How do you feel after this weekend?
KH: I feel like I need a hobby. Oil painting? Competitive birdwatching? Hit me up with literally any suggestions.

The Ambassador: If you could live in any country where would it be and why?
KH: I'm pretty much a classic Midwestern dude, so it's hard for me to say anything except the country I've grown up in my whole life (USA!). I love the friendliness of people in the Midwest, and hope to head back there eventually. That said, I'm super stoked to be heading to France to study abroad next semester! I'll be in Lyon, and I'm really looking forward to traveling all around Europe. Particularly excited for Berlin's Spring Fest (which is the poor man's version of Berlin's Oktoberfest, which coincidentally is the rich man's version of the IAA's Oktoberfest).

The Ambassador: How did you find out about IAA and what made you want to join?
KH: II had a bit of exposure to Model UN in high school -- as in just enough to make me never want to do it again in college! Thankfully, the people in the IAA were just so cool that I really wanted to be a part. And while I found that my competing days were likely over, I really liked being the organizing force behind a conference! Specifically, I have to give props to Paul Marvucic, former UPMUNC COO, who really encouraged me to join the IAA and UPMUNC in particular.

The Ambassador: If you could travel to another planet, which would you choose?
KH: It's got to be Pluto. We need to make this whole derecognition thing right.

The Ambassador: If you had to be stuck in an elevator for 24 hours with anyone in IAA, who would it be?
KH: Easy answer: Madsu -- the #1 IAA homie. Surprise Dark Horse Candidate: Kishan Patel -- feel like weird things would go down --> time passes very quickly.

The Ambassador: Do you believe in magic?
KH: Of course! How else do you explain David Blaine?

The Ambassador: What's the coolest place on Penn's campus?
KH: I'm a huge fan of anywhere with a rooftop where you can see the Philly skyline. Our city can get a tough rep from time to time, but it's an amazing place to explore. Specific coolest place: The Palestra. So much history there, and such good vibes for a huge basketball fan like me.