Member of the Week - Elyas Tecle

Ambassador Team

This week, The Ambassador talked with Elyas Tecle, a sophomore who is ILMUNC XXXIV's Director General!

The Ambassador: How long have you been involved in the IAA and what is your current position?
ET: I've been in the IAA since beginning of freshman year and I'm now the DG of ILMUNC.

The Ambassador: Q: What is your favorite IAA memory?
ET: My favorite IAA memory is from semi-formal this past year. It was a ton of fun with a bunch of really awesome people and I loved it.

The Ambassador: Who is your IAA crush?
ET: My IAA crush? Oof probably Elena Zhou she's pretty cute.

The Ambassador: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?
ET: I'd love the opportunity to go to Ethiopia considering a majority of my family is from there and I've never been back. I have so many cousins and family members I've never met and I'd love to see where my parents grew up.

The Ambassador: What does the IAA mean to you?
ET: IAA = fam

The Ambassador: What is your opinion about Cristiano Ronaldo?
ET: Considering I'm typing this right after Barca have lost 4-0 to PSG in the Champions League Round of 16, that's simply just an inappropriate question. NEXT!

The Ambassador: What was your favorite part of ILMUNC?
ET: My favorite part of ILMUNC is probably after my first ILMUNC when I get to look back and see how everyone's hard work paid off!