Member of the Week - Decklan Cerza

Ambassador Team

This week, The Ambassador talked with Decklan Cerza, Director of Special Events. He is a junior in Engineering from Pennsylvania.

The Ambassador: What is your favorite part of UPMUNC?
DC: My favorite part of UPMUNC is sitting in conference rooms and listening to delegates speak for 4 days (lol jk it's DelFest).

The Ambassador: What is the best memory you have from IAA?
DC: The most memorable experience I've had within the IAA was actually before DelFest last year. SPEV had a mixer with ILMUNC at this classy establishment we like to call "It's A Shithole", and it just so happened to be my birthday. I met a lot of new people from ILMUNC, and they (Alex Kaplan specifically) insisted on telling everyone it was my birthday. So they stopped the party, sang happy birthday, forced a piece of cake into my face, and played Roar by Katy Perry. It was lit.

The Ambassador: What was your favorite book?
DC: As an engineer I don't really read but the Hunger Games was pretty dope!

The Ambassador: What is your favorite part of your body?
DC: My eyes are gorgeous check them out!

The Ambassador: If you could be any movie star who would you be?
DC: I've had a crush on Josh Hutcherson since Bridge to Terabithia, so I would probably be him if I could.