Member of the Week - Ana Rancic

Ambassador Team

This week, The Ambassador talked with Ana Rancic, Secretary-General of ILMUNC China. She is a junior in the Hunstman Program.

The Ambassador: What was the best part of ILMUNC India?
AR: Hands down the incredible group of people that came on the trip - they made all of the early mornings, insanely long travel and weekend of conference so much fun. Honestly, I also had the same takeaway last year, when I went on the trip as Chief of Staff. You become really good friends with people you might never have otherwise. The awesome thing about international trips is how tight the group becomes, just by nature of being forced together 24/7.

The Ambassador: What happened there that you were not expecting?
AR: Got a very sceney new profile picture in a fort we visited. Definitely the highlight of my trip. Photo credit to Andre Naan Bread. We also had major liquidity issues given the bank note crisis in India, so had to experience travel around with no money and almost no working cellphones. Do not recommend.

The Ambassador: Tell us about the best/funniest/favorite moment during the conference
AR: Surprising everyone by ditching the airport on our Abu-Dhabi layover - we went out to a lebanese dinner overlooking Sheikh Zayed Mosque. During the delegate dance, all 14 of us that were on the trip performed a choreographed dance to a mash up of Desi Girl and Beware - that Indian/Jay-Z song, if you think you don’t know it, trust me, you do - to a cheering crowd of high schoolers. (You’ll all get the pleasure of watching this very soon.) Another memorable moment was the five hour early morning bus ride we took from Jaipur to Agra, but if you want to know about that, you should ask one of the sophomores on the trip...

The Ambassador: What has been your best memory in the IAA?
AR: Was going to be biased and say ILMUNC India or Formal (I’m also on SPEV). But that’s a boring answer, so instead I’ll say ILMUNC 2015 when I was a freshman ASG. I ended up joining one of the daises on my birthday and got sent 111 rosegrams by a delegate (which broke the previous record for most rosegrams ever received...Eric Helfgott is still bitter.)

The Ambassador: A movie you would recommend and why?
AR: I love thrillers - The Prestige is quite clever and gets you hooked. Or Horrible Bosses for a good laugh.

The Ambassador: If you could travel back in time where would you go?
AR: Ooh, maybe to when my parents or grandparents were in their early twenties, so I could see all the things in their lives that they’re never going to tell me about. Either that, or 2013, because, in all honesty, I peaked in high school.