5 Funniest Things that Happened at HNMUN


The Ambassador Staff

I. Fernando’s arrival to the bus

We were supposed to get on the bus at 8 am. At that time, Fernando was nowhere to be seen. He texted the group about 10 minutes later telling us he was on his way. About 30 minutes later, when the bus driver was about to leave, he appeared. He was running towards the bus, wearing sweatpants and a sweater with bags overflowing of clothes. This made us christen him our team “hobo”.

II. Having only 10 minutes to buy lunch in some random town in Massachusetts

Making the bus wait 45 minutes outside the Upper Quad Gate angered our bus driver, a lot. He threatened to leave multiple times, and Fernando barely made it on the bus with another member of the team left behind. The driver was not taking anything from us and didn’t really want to stop. In the end, he only gave us enough time to run, buy food and then eat on the bus.

III. Carl

From his insistence to touch Steph’s hair to his adventures during conference, Carl made everyone laugh with his sense of humor and Swedishness.

IV. Rooming

Although the rooms themselves were pretty nice, it was quite funny to see how roomed with who. UPMUNC’s secretariat decided to room together while some people like Larry ended up with Carl. Other people, like Dustin and Hoonie, ended up sleeping in multiple rooms.

V. Escaping the snow blizzard by taking one of the last trains out of Boston

Even though everyone knows that Saturday night is the best night of conference, with delegate fest and the delegation dinner, our trip got cut short. As if Boston did not get enough already, another unexpected blizzard of epic proportions hit the city Saturday night. Members of Intercol scrambled and finally got 20 seats in one of the last trains that left out of Boston and arrived in Philadelphia around 4:30 in the morning.