The 5 Best Things of ChoMUN 2015


The Ambassador Staff

Recapping the best things about this year’s ChoMUN, which took place from April 2-5 in Chicago, Illinois.

I. The City

The Windy City is truly amazing. Whether it is eating a deep-dish pizza or strolling around Millennium Park, Chicago has a lot to offer. The Penn team explored some of the best attractions including the Bean, the Navy Pier, the Sears Tower, and the waterfront.

II. The Hotel

This year, the conference was held at the Palmer House, a luxurious hotel designated a Chicago landmark. From the breathtaking lobby to the rooms, it was amazing to spend a weekend at such an amazing place. On a side note, it is said that the chocolate brownie was invented by the chefs of the Palmer House!

III. Karaoke Night

The team decided that a great way to build teamwork and spirit was to head down to the conference’s karaoke night. The team had a lot of fun signing a few songs, most notably the Black Eyed Peas’ My Humps.

IV. Memes, memes (and selfies) everywhere!

From pictures of Angie falling asleep everywhere to Elise’s face memes, the team spent a considerable amount of their time outside committee coming up with suitable captions for funny pictures. Furthermore, some members of the team, most notably Jen and Hannah, took hundreds of selfies to chronicle their trip to Chicago.

V. Yik Yak During Closing

During ChoMUN’s closing ceremonies, Penn got a couple of shoutouts! First, shots were fired as delegates hoped that Chomun’s closing would not be as long as UPMUNC’s last semester. Second, people made comments of our teams raucous and unwavering team spirit as Penn screamed and celebrated each time one of our own got an award.